My Why:

Hello and welcome to my why.  Sit down and relax...

My photography is my ministry. My satisfaction comes when my clients and viewers are satisfied. I strive to elicit emotion in my images. It is my joy see client’s faces when they receive their final images or albums and are overjoyed with what they see.


I was blessed with a mother who took many photographs, chronicling moments of my life that I may have forgotten. I, in turn, took many photos of my children and grandchildren over the years that I can pass down to them. This is my honest belief that we all need to exist in photographs...if not for ourselves, for those who love us.

I immortalize people in photographs, capturing the memories they don’t realize they will miss until they are gone, by stopping time using my camera as an instrument to compose stimulating visual melodies in harmony with imagination and creativity.

                                                                                                - Pamela Velez